A Liberal Arts Education for Digital Pioneers

Digital Pioneers build what matters in areas yet unexplored and strive to make a positive difference with their work. That is why we believe in the importance of our Science, Technology & Society Program (STS).

We believe that all students should think about the social impact of their work, and understand political forces they are feeding. STS teaches philosophy, psychology and the arts. We look at economics, law and science.

STS provides you with a space to ask the big questions and to take the time to find your answers.

STS Prepares you for the Unpredictable

Meet great minds. Read great books. Express yourself in ways you haven’t before.

If you want to change the world, try understanding it first.Gyps

The STS Curriculum

STS teaches you skills, which will open your mind – like writing and presentation, logic and self-organisation. It also invites you to think for yourself, to reflect on society, politics and the impact of technology, and to do something wonderful with all the new and old ways of cultural expression that our world provides. We will read Plato and Nietzsche, the Hacker Manifesto and the Halloween Documents, European Privacy Laws and Shakespeare.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.Alan Kay

Leave your Comfort Zone

Our Science Technology and Society Programme – short STS – provides all students with the opportunity to explore great ideas and express themselves beyond their field of study.

Take courses in history or philosophy, stage performance or creative writing, self-organisation or learn about other cultures – or even create your own STS project!

STS brings old humanist education to the new media.

What do you want to do?

Tell us what you think is good. Tell us what you think is beautiful. Tell us what you think is true.

Who is to blame, if a self-driving car kills somebody?

Whether you use C++ or C# is also a political question. Can UI-design be inherently evil? Would you work for a company that uses its customers’ psychology against them?

Learn about the past, the future and other cultures, about economics and sociology – and don’t forget to dance! And to go leave our little bubble from time to time and investigate all sides of life in the city, the country, and the world you live in.

The Team

Fabian Geier

Head of STS

Sebastian Rosengrün

Senior Lecturer