Sponsored & supported by Germany’s leading startup entrepreneurs

The CODE Trustees

In 2023, our founders and a group of five outstanding supporters formed a trust for CODE. Each of these CODE Trustees committed their personal reputation, network, time and resources to back and govern CODE, individually as board members, and together as the university’s majority shareholder, for the years to come.

CODE’s Sponsors & Supporters

More than 50 entrepreneurs helped us turning CODE into what it is today – these amazing individuals actively support us in our mission to empower, educate, and unite the next generations of innovative technology leaders, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Thank you for supporting our learning concept

We stand out with a completely new educational concept that challenges traditional university norms. We’ve moved away from teacher-centered classrooms and the usual focus on rote memorization for exams. Our approach doesn’t rely on grades that only show a fraction of your true capabilities.

Frank Thelen & Thomas Bachem
in Podcast about CODE

In March 2024, CODE founder Thomas Bachem was once again a podcast guest of German entrepreneur, investor & TV celebrity Frank Thelen in his Innovation Pulse podcast.