We’re moving to a new campus in summer 2024!

This summer, CODE will be moving to its next-generation campus in Berlin: KALLE Neukölln is the perfect place for us to build our new home.

Since our opening in 2017, we’ve constantly grown our current campus within Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park and learned a lot about how it should best cater to our community’s needs. So stay tuned for more exciting details about our upcoming campus – and read more about our current one below!

Right in the heart of Europe’s most dynamic city, Berlin, our campus isn’t just a building. We’ve sculpted an environment where our students don’t just visit, but belong—a place they consider home. It’s a creative playground that’s always buzzing with activity, open 24/7 for continuous inspiration and fun.

We’re proud of our campus being part of Factory Berlin, a vibrant ecosystem of creators from tech, creative, and corporate industries, through an exclusive and unique partnership. While the core of our campus on the 4th floor of the building offers around 1,900 sqm of exclusive space for faculty and students, we call the entire 14,000 sqm building with dozens of nice and cozy co-working areas, meeting rooms, cafe and restaurant, and even a ball pit our home.

There’s a place for everyone and everything

Whether you feel like working in the middle of the ball pit (it’s really the perfect place for inspiration!), mingle in our kitchen space, or need a break: you can work and relax wherever you like.

An outstanding building

On five floors, Factory Görlitzer Park is the size of almost three American football fields. The whole building will blow your mind. Several architects and a great interior design team spent months building this unique place.

Network with other pioneers

Imagine leaving the campus of your university and being right in the middle of the action, surrounded by successful startups. That’s what happens at CODE. Meet at the community kitchens and exchange ideas!

More than just a work space

We cannot really explain it – you have to see it with your own eyes, because Factory is both a work space and a playground. Need a break? Play the piano or challenge your fellows with a round of chess.

Fun Fact

Even our bookable meeting rooms spark curiosity and creativity. From ‘R2’ and ‘D2’ to ‘Rock’, ‘Paper’, ‘Scissors’, and ‘Cognito’, each room has its own quirky name. And remember, if someone says ‘Let’s meet in 6 Minutes’, it’s not a hurry-up call — it’s just another one of our creatively named spaces. It’s these little details that make CODE not just a place to study, but a place to enjoy and explore!

There’s a German saying, ‘You are crazy, my child, you need to go to Berlin!’

Kidding aside, Berlin, as a center of technological innovation and entrepreneurship, offers an exhilarating environment for students. The city is a hub for startups, providing a vibrant landscape for those keen on diving into the digital world. Opportunities to engage with cutting-edge tech companies are plentiful, allowing for practical experience and networking.

In Berlin, the fusion of a thriving tech and startup scene with its iconic techno clubs creates a unique and dynamic backdrop for students. This city not only offers unparalleled opportunities for hands-on experience in digital innovation but also a taste of its renowned cultural vibrancy.

Some Very Important Numbers

  • 14,000
    meters community space
  • 130
    liters coffee per day
  • 4
    campus dogs
  • 36,800
    balls in the ball pit
There is no better place than a community space for a university like CODE. Thomas Bachem, Founder of CODE