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CODE is all about the students. We believe that surrounding yourself with an inspiring, diverse and ambitious crowd of people is one of the key ingredients for personal growth.




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Our student community is a dynamic fusion of over 80 nationalities, each student bringing their unique perspective to our innovative community. More than just learners, they are digital pioneers and future tech leaders, actively shaping the technological landscape. Embodying a growth mindset, they view every project, collaboration, and challenge as an opportunity to evolve, innovate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Their education at CODE is not merely a pathway to a degree; it’s a commitment to a lifelong journey of learning, creating, and impactful change. With a focus on continuous personal and professional development, our students are poised to become the trailblazers and visionaries in the digital world, driving transformation with a mindset geared towards constant growth and innovation.

CODE students are award-winning

Learning to collaborate and collaborating to learn is a key part of the CODE DNA. It therefore doesn’t surprise us that quite often student teams venture all over Europe to win hackathons and competitions like these:

#1 CODE100 – Europe’s Ultimate Coding Challenge
#1 Odyssey Blockchain Hackathon
#1 Samsung 5G Challenge
#1 Bosch Connect Hackathon
#1 Zalando Hack Week (twice!)
#1 eBay Startup Cup
#1 Data Natives Hackathon
#2 Telekom Challenge
Finals #Wevsvirus Hackathon

CODE student Felix Wotschofsky winning the We Are Developers CODE100 Challenge

Where CODE students and alumni work

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Our student initiatives

We take pride in our dynamic and innovative student initiatives that add an exciting dimension to our community.

Unicon Conference

In November 2017, a group of CODE students organized the first Unicon Conference. Under the motto “No Bullshit. Just Insights” they invite visionary speakers and bring together top students from different universities.

//Slash Hackathon

Another CODE initiative is Germany’s biggest student-led 24h Slash hackathon at which the Slash teams unites the most talented, tech-interested students and young professionals on our campus every year.

The CODE Science Club

The CODE Science Club is a place where fundamental scientific topics are passionately discussed, films and documentaries are analyzed, and scientists are invited for events fostering an engaging atmosphere for exploration.

Read why some of our alumni decided to join CODE

Behnaz Derakhshani, #nextgen, Software Engineering Alumni

Hi, my name is Behnaz and I’m originally from Iran. If you had asked me a couple of years ago when I came to Berlin to get my Master’s Degree in International Business if I would continue my studies after I finished that degree, I would have answered you with a big laugh and a ‘NO! Am I crazy?’ During my internship at Zalando I became really inspired by the company’s tech-driven spirit and decided to write my Master’s thesis about a digital product in trade finance together with the company. After I had graduated, I searched for several programming courses but none of them caught my attention until one day I saw an interview with Zalando’s innovation manager about CODE. The innovative study programs and the values that CODE teaches us really sparked my interest and I am more than happy that I could join this community.

Lennard Schmidt, #firstclass, Product Management Alumni

Hey, I am Lennard, and I did my bachelor’s degree at CODE. I joined the inaugural class of CODE in 2017 because I believed in the founders’ vision for a new kind of higher education modeled around autodidactism.

I saw CODE as an entry point to Berlin’s large tech ecosystem and a place that enabled me to learn and grow on my terms while supporting me with its infrastructure. CODE’s educational model helped me work full-time in various roles while completing my degree.

I met some of my best friends and long-time collaborators at CODE, and for that, I am thankful. Since graduating from CODE, I have co-founded a startup with two fellow CODE students.

Chalida Asawakanjanakit, #nextgen, Interaction Design Alumni

Hi lovely people, I’m Chalida from Bangkok, and I’ve been studying Interaction Design at CODE. I asked myself ‘If I had a year of my life to live, how would I use it?’ And this is why I decided to study abroad.
Berlin is a cool city where I got attracted by the art scene. I googled for Interaction design in Berlin and was impressed by the “Curiosity-Driven Education” concept at CODE because everyone is special in their own way. I continued to study because I’m very curious about learning and knowing as much as I can – a certificate or good grades are not essential to me. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed and I also believe that CODE and this community can support my learning experiences.
I’m glad to still be a part of this warm community at CODE, even as an alumni. I love working in a productive atmosphere – CODE has a cool community space and the people are very caring and kind. It’s hard to tell you exactly what it’s like to be at CODE, you have to come and experience by yourself to find out.

CODE has had over 60+ startups with over 60 million euros in raised capital

Entrepreneurship is deeply embedded into CODE’s DNA. We boost and stimulate our students’ entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging them to work in teams and develop their ideas together.