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Want to know what it’s really like to study at CODE? We’ll show you!

A few facts

  • Students

    There are currently 600+ students enrolled at CODE.

  • Background

    Our students represent 75+ different nationalities. They come from Cambodia, Brazil, Nigeria, Italy, and Canada, just to name a few.

  • Ratio

    For every 9 students, there is one CODE professor to guarantee individual support as well as many external lecturers.

Being able to shape the university and be part of something new was one of the main drivers for me to make the decision to study at CODE.Lennard Schmidt
#firstclass student at CODE

CODE Stories

Our students come from all corners of the world, have different backgrounds and their path to CODE was not always straightforward. Read their stories below.

Katerina Zafeiri, #fourthdimension, Software Engineering

Hello there. My name is Katerina, I’m 27, Greek, raised in Germany, and a #fourthdimension Software Engineering student at CODE. In my previous life, I graduated from a traditional university in the field of Management and used to work as an Account Manager at different companies. Then, I had heard of CODE’s innovative, educational concept, right when I moved to Berlin and its deep entrepreneurial roots sparked my interest. I started with the written application and the further I got along in the admission process, the more certain and passionate I got about wanting to study at CODE. It has been six months already since I started at CODE. Though the remote situation has been a challenge for all of us I feel extremely connected to the entrepreneurial and enthusiastic community of CODE.

Brian Mugisa, #fourthdimension, Software Engineering

Hello! I’m Brian, 26 from Uganda. After high school I did a vocational course in motor vehicle mechanics, then for the next 5 years working as a web-developer (self-taught), and a fitness instructor. CODE’s admission process was well worth the wait and effort. It’s amazing how many opportunities this has opened up. And the community is extremely helpful and has empathy, so settling in has been smooth. The motivation from this team is also amazing, really enjoying learning more about the functional side of code and 111% confident in the expertise I am acquiring.

Filip Tsolov, #fourthdimension, Interaction Design

Hey there, my name is Filip and I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am 20 years old and in my second semester at CODE, where I am studying Interaction Design. My spark of interest in design happened a few years ago when I found out about graphic design and started learning about it on my own. I knew straight away that design was what I wanted to pursue and my future, and after graduating high school, I started looking for universities where I could combine my love for design and technology in one study program.
One day, my dad sent me an article talking about CODE University – a new institution in Berlin that was completely different from the method of education in a traditional university. I decided to read a bit more and I found that the Interaction Design program was exactly what I was looking for! I then gave it a shot and I got accepted, and now I am loving every second of it. The professors and students are constantly inspiring me and pushing me to challenge myself and explore new areas.

Ann Tran, #fourthdimension, Interaction Design

Hi, I’m Ann, a design student from Hanoi, Vietnam, I spent most of my adult life in Europe. I usually don’t feel belong to most places I am in. CODE gave me new hopes, here I don’t need to fit in, because whoever you are, wherever you’re from, the only two things that matter are your curiosity and your willingness to learn, to grow. I’m thrilled and motivated to be here with many others who also have the same determination, to challenge their abilities and push themselves hard every day for the future that they believe in.

Suad Kamardeen #thirdparty, Software Engineering

Hi, my name is Suad. I moved to Berlin from London to study Software Engineering at CODE. I haven’t been a fan of the traditional education system for a very long time. I previously studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham and although I loved studying, I couldn’t seem to fall in love with my degree.

This reignited my purpose of wanting to influence change in the education system. However, I didn’t want to dive straight into pursuing a Masters, because I feared that it’d have the same outcome as my undergraduate degree. I decided to take a gap year in order to figure out what was best for me. I can honestly say it’s the best decision ever because I wouldn’t have come across CODE if I wasn’t on a break from formal education.

CODE University was the only university I applied to and the only place I saw myself studying at. My motivation to apply stemmed from the unique learning style! I remember reading through the website over and over again because it felt unreal that I had finally found what I was searching for. An education system which encourages growth and places emphasis on learning in the context in which the knowledge will be used, not whether one is able to regurgitate information. Since starting at CODE, I have had no regrets. The highlight for me are the staff and professors. I am always left in awe by how much they care and are genuinely invested in my growth. The student community is a bonus, because being surrounded by people who chose to be here and want to contribute to the world, in the way that they can, motivates me to keep going. My biggest learning so far is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Daniel Onyshchenko, #thirdparty, Product Management

Hello! I am Daniel, originally from Ukraine! I was lucky to study in an international boarding school in Israel before CODE. I was exposed to a multicultural community at an early age, and once you dive into it, you don’t want to leave it. Therefore, upon graduation from high school, I started to search for a place that embraces diversity and uniqueness of individual differences. I am happy to state that I found my place at CODE.

The community we have is very supportive and inspiring. Learning with each other and from each other is motivating. CODE has one distinguishable quality: drive. Everyone is driven by curiosity and interest in the learning journey; once you set yourself in this type of environment, growth is inevitable.

I don’t have a fear that I won’t find my place after graduation. I am not anxious about the relevance of my studies. This place grants countless opportunities daily with all the partnerships and hands-on working experience.

I am in love with who I am becoming here.

Sara Al Kabariti, #thirdparty, Software Engineering

I’m Sara, 20 years old, and I’m from Jordan. I’m currently a #thirdparty Software Engineering student at CODE. Before coming to CODE, I had never lived anywhere other than Jordan. I liked being in a familiar environment, and I always stayed in my comfort zone. I studied Audio Engineering for a year but then left the program and worked for a bit in the film industry. To be honest, I never thought I would continue studying after finishing high school because I was against the education system. I saw schools and universities sticking to the same teaching methods in an ever-changing world. My classmates were always obsessing over their grades and worrying about exams instead of focusing on actually learning something. When I came across CODE, I immediately knew it was the perfect fit for me. The concept of classroom teaching is revolutionized here. Unlike traditional educational systems, CODE requires a lot more practical work than theoretical. It allows me to apply everything I learn by building products that prepare me for the real world. I am surrounded by teachers and partner companies who are continually teaching me and helping me reach my full potential. CODE is composed of students who do not flee at the sight of a challenge but welcome it and overcome it. I am proud to be a part of this community.

Valentin Silvera, #thirdparty, Software Engineering

Hello everyone! I’m Valentin; I’m 25. I’ve been a Software Engineering student at CODE since August 2019. I’m originally from Uruguay, where I studied four years of medicine before realizing being a doctor was not for me. I was always passionate about technology and innovation but was intimidated by it. When I found out about CODE, I was instantly captivated by the diverse community, the innovative approach to education and the freedom they give you to follow your path. At CODE, you come as you are, with your own unique set of knowledge and experience, but when we work together, that’s when the magic happens.

Behnaz Derakhshani, #nextgen, Software Engineering

Hi, my name is Behnaz and I’m originally from Iran. If you had asked me 2 years ago when I came to Berlin to get my Master’s Degree in International Business if I would continue my studies after I finished that degree, I would have answered you with a big laugh and a ‘NO! Am I crazy?’ During my internship at Zalando I became really inspired by the company’s tech-driven spirit and decided to write my Master’s thesis about a digital product in trade finance together with the company. After graduating I searched for several programming courses but none of them caught my attention until one day I saw an interview with Zalando’s innovation manager about CODE. The innovative study programs and the values that CODE teaches us really sparked my interest and I am more than happy that I could join this community.

Irakli Goderdzishvili, #nextgen, Interaction Design

Hi, I’m Irakli. The search for the right studies was really hard for me in the last school year. I had discovered my love for graphics and web design years earlier, but I had difficulty finding a university that would prepare me well for a career in that field. It was clear that there were no universities in Georgia where I could really improve my UI/UX design skills, so I started looking for a Bachelor’s degree abroad.

I searched dozens of programs in several countries, but couldn’t find the right solution. None of the universities seemed to have the right balance between design and technology that I was looking for.

One day my mother told me about a private university in Berlin that had just opened, specializing in exactly those areas that interested me, all of which were taught in English.

I looked at the Interaction Design course, which seemed to be exactly the design Bachelor’s I was looking for, and immediately registered for an application.

Fran Khayat, #nextgen, Product Management

Hello, I’m Fran, 26 years old, I’m from Yemen and since September 2018 I’m a #nextgen product management student at CODE!

My background story is quickly told: I studied graphic design at my previous university – a relatively new study program – but dropped out because of the outdated education system.

For me, CODE is still the only university of applied sciences that implements its studies according to today’s requirements and bases its educational system on curiosity! One of the things that fascinates me the most is the STS program: a series of lectures that allows us to unleash our inner philosopher and question what is actually doubtless.

The first lesson I learned on the day I enrolled at CODE was to never doubt yourself and to always be alert to what’s going on around you.

Chalida Asawakanjanakit, #nextgen, Interaction Design

Hi lovely people, I’m Chalida from Bangkok, and I’m studying Interaction Design at CODE. I asked myself ‘If I had a year of my life to live, how would I use it?’ And this is why I decided to study abroad.
Berlin is a cool city where I got attracted by the art scene. I googled for Interaction design in Berlin and was impressed by the “Curiosity-Driven Education” concept at CODE because everyone is special in their own way. I continue to study because I’m very curious about learning and knowing as much as I can – a certificate or good grades are not essential to me. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed and I also believe that CODE and this community can support my learning experiences.
I’m glad to be a part of this warm community at CODE. I love working in a productive atmosphere, we have a cool community space and the people here are very caring and kind to me. It’s hard to tell you exactly what it’s like to be at CODE, you have to come and experience by yourself to find out.


Our students have a lot of commitments and interests outside of their study programs.

The spirit of the Zalando event was incredible and they were so happy that CODE students supported their projects.Moritz
#fistclass student at CODE

Unicon Berlin

In November 2017, a group of CODE students organized their first conference.: Unicon Berlin. The goal of the conference is to bring together 99 students from different top universities. And in March 2020 we already hosted the third one!

The CODE Science Club

The CODE Science Club was founded by our students. The club is a place where fundamental scientific topics are passionately discussed, films and documentaries are analysed and scientists are invited for events.

Great news!

MySoftwareScout, a student project from CODE, joined the APX startup accelerator, a joint venture between Axel Springer and Porsche, and an early-stage investor with a tailor made program in Berlin.

Art & CODE Club

The club offers a space to experiment with thoughts, concepts and ideas on the infinite themes of art.

Students organize talks, workshops, visit exhibitions together, and also create their own.

//Slash Initiative

Starting with their first event in March 2019, these eleven students from all three study programs are connecting the student tech scene in Europe.

More information can be found on their website: www.slash.berlin

Regular Hackathon participation

Our students regularly take part in hackathons to expand and test their knowledge. They win again and again, like this group of CODE students Emil Sallem, Emily Morgan, Johann Hemmann, Marcel Siegmann, Simon Heuschkel and CODE professor Peter Ruppel, winning the Tech for Climate Track and making it to the top 5 out of all 84 teams at the Bosch Connected Experience, Europe’s largest IoT Hackathon in February!

CODE holds an opportunity of a lifetime! Imagine having a safe space to explore anything you were curious about, plus having the resources and the right mentorship.Ghufran Khayat
#nextgen student at CODE

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Open House Day at CODE

Several times a year we open our doors to all interested parties at an Open House Day. You can find out everything about our degree programs, meet our students, chat with our professors and gain a detailed insight into studying at CODE. As soon as the next date is fixed, you can register here!

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