Have you ever wondered who developed products like iPhone, Spotify, or TikTok? We’ll tell you! It was a team consisting of software engineers, designers, and product managers. Our Product Management program is fully taught in English.

Is Product Management the right fit for you?

The decision is entirely up to you. However, if you’re intrigued by understanding customer needs, skilled in communicating with users and company stakeholders, committed to ensuring the right product is built, eager to explore markets and industries, adept at interpreting data, and capable of respectful teamwork, then Product Management is the right fit for you. It is essential to understand that Product Managers are the opposite of lone fighters: there is no Product Manager without a team.

What will you learn as a Product Management student at CODE?

Our students learn to lead the product development process with cross-functional teams based on agile ways of working. Driving innovation and change in organizations of all sizes based on a clear product strategy while communicating with different stakeholders is another important task of future Product Managers. If you are interested in founding your own company, you can in addition learn how to start and run your business.

Which spectrum of technology applications will you cover?

Our students explore software solutions as well as hybrid products involving hardware. They work on highly scalable products that aim to combine social and community-driven purposes with profitability. For instance, one area of focus is on innovative products that help the economy to become more sustainable, and strengthen society’s resilience in a future of increasingly volatile ecosystems.


Opt for one of our specialized tracks to pursue a focused direction, or select the Generalist path if you prefer exploring a variety of modules without committing to a specific trajectory.

Learn more about our admission process

At CODE we want to attract the most talented and passionate students, not the most privileged. In our admission process, we aim to challenge your drive and curiosity.


Our Product Management program offers a comprehensive set of modules. You may either choose a specialization where you follow a curated series of modules designed to hone your expertise in a specific domain, or the Generalist path, which provides the liberty to customize your module selection and explore a diverse range of topics in the field.

  • Communication & Presentation
  • Customer Discovery & Market Research
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Product Marketing
  • How to Start a Startup
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Product Innovation & Definition
  • Agile Process Management
  • Product Strategy
  • Economics
  • Product Sales
  • Strategic Partnerships and Third-Party Integration
  • Business Model Design
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Finance and Controlling
  • Organizational Development

These are only our specific SE modules. Our students also have the opportunity to select modules from our other two study programs Interaction Design and Software Engineering. Additionally, interdisciplinary modules of our Science, Technology, and Society Program as well as Interpersonal Skills further enrich the learning experience at CODE.

I chose to study Product Management at CODE because I fell in love with the pedagogy’s description as it reflects perfectly what I was looking for and which values I believed in. Diversity and transdisciplinarity are melted together in the CODE’s environment to support exploration and inventiveness.Adrien Sosson, #thirdparty student

Product Manager: Career Path Options

It’s not easy to say “this is a typical product manager”. You can find several types of product managers out there in different industries. The role and its responsibilities can even vary from company to company. However, we are trying to shed light on the most common ones right now:

  • Growth Product Manager

    A data-driven decision-maker, detail-oriented strategist, organized and looking forward to working in larger organizations and later-stage products.
    Main focus: marketing analysis, data science & product marketing.

  • Experience Focused Product Management

    Good listener and communicator, always putting the customer first, right eye for excellent user experience, enjoys in-depth conversations with designers and developers.
    Main focus: research methods, user experience.

  • Community Focused Product Management

    The customers’ voice, strives for changing the world while embracing cultural diversity, and it’s an expert in transferring user wishes into viable products.
    Main focus: culture, arts, bridging gaps.

  • Entrepreneurial Product Manager

    Willing to stand on your own two feet and resilient, a good networker, visionary, and a great communicator that can bring the right people together.
    Main focus: business models, finance, stakeholder communication.

  • Platform & Tech Product Manager

    Analytical tech enthusiast and a strong communicator always prepared to dive into technical discussions with the team.
    Main focus: tech stack, APIs, integration.

Want to learn more about Product Management?

Our learning concept is radically different

  • Real-life projects

    Each core semester students pitch project ideas to each other and work on real-life projects that ignite their curiosity.

  • Interdisciplinarity

    Students form interdisciplinary project teams across all study programs, combining diverse skills to develop digital products.

  • Professors as mentors

    Our professors take on the role of mentors, offering tailored support for problem-solving and delivering focused learning units as needed.

  • Self-directed learning

    In a world where knowledge is just a click away, we promote dynamic education through self-directed learning and peer collaboration.

Meet our Product Management team

Our professors and lectures focus on enabling our students to have meaningful firsthand experiences, guiding them to reflect on these experiences critically, and empowering them to master our challenging interdisciplinary projects.

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