At CODE, our roots in real-world practice set us apart. Founded and supported by experienced tech entrepreneurs, our university is a hub where learning meets industry expertise. Since our foundation, financial contributions and support from leading companies have been a cornerstone, enabling us to shape an educational experience that’s both relevant and forward-looking. With numerous collaboration opportunities, we not only educate the next generation of tech professionals but also foster meaningful partnerships with industry leaders.

Our Four Partnership Pillars

Hiring & Talent Attraction

One way for our partner companies to engage with our community is through a general community partnership at CODE. This offers unique employer branding opportunities and allows direct engagement with skilled students through events like our Partner Day taking place twice a year. Partners may also participate in student projects, integral to our educational model, providing a platform for companies to present their real-world challenges. An even more sustainable solution to be the first to hire top talents, is to work with CODE students through our dual-cooperative studies.

Research Collaborations

CODE stands as a prestigious academic institution, collaborating with renowned professors in diverse fields. These experts bring deep specialist knowledge, offering insights and support into new research areas that add significant value to our partners. They provide access to resources and specializations that may not be readily available within a company’s in-house team. Our research and academic staff possess a wide array of skills in digital product creation and design, encompassing everything from advanced software engineering to user research, interaction and UI design, new product ideation, and consultancy on product development and management processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our dedication to inclusive education is the cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We deeply appreciate the support from companies that contribute to our scholarship fund, the code+design initiative for teenagers, and the Quest program designed for migrants. These collaborations are a testament to our shared commitment with organizations that value diversity and inclusion, particularly in the tech sector. Together, we are not just nurturing talent, but also fostering a more diverse and inclusive future in technology

Executive Education

Companies have the opportunity to elevate their team’s skills and knowledge through CODE’s executive education offerings. Our AI Upskilling Academy caters to a diverse group of professionals offering a range of learning formats in Artificial Intelligence. Beyond AI, CODE also provides micro-credentials in various areas, all customizable to align with specific organizational needs and objectives.

CODE University is doing important work educating the next generation of students in advanced technological skills. Facebook [now Meta] is thrilled to support their efforts and I’m confident these students will go on to do incredible things – they’ll change our communities, our industries, and the world.– Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook

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