CODE is your home base to reinvent the future through technology.

  • Innovative study programs

    CODE offers three Bachelor’s programs for young talents striving to become developers, designers and digital entrepreneurs.

  • Creating something meaningful

    The core of our study programs are real-world projects, accompanied by seminars and workshops with an advanced flipped-classroom concept.

  • Challenge-based learning

    Assisted by a mentor, students evolve competencies, learn how to collaborate, and reach their full potential.

  • Positive impact on society

    A Science, Technology and Society Program that supports a broad horizon and a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

A Movement. A University.
A Community.

Study at CODE to create a better tomorrow through technology.
Become part of an ever-growing ecosystem and join our movement for the future of education.

The best way to predict the future
is to invent it.
Alan Kay, Computer Pioneer

Study while creating something meaningful

Our methodology is based on extensive research into how people learn best. It stimulates deeper cognition and greater conceptual understanding, develops critical skills that enable you to adapt as the world changes, and will serve you for the rest of your life.

  • Theory needs practice

    Challenging projects and interdisciplinary teams with peer-to-peer collaboration are at the core of our learning approach.

  • Reflection and support

    Small seminars and your academic mentor will challenge your skills, encourage you to reflect and help you grow.

  • Become a Digital Pioneer

    By acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills “just in time”, you will strengthen your personal competencies and develop a pioneer’s mindset.

  • Lifelong learning

    Flexible in every way, CODE encourages you to never stop learning, follow your own ideas and reach your full potential.

STS – our Science, Technology and Society program

A Liberal Arts Education for Digital Pioneers

At CODE we don’t just build digital products, we think about them. STS tries to make you more creative, think about the big picture, and prepare you for the responsibility that comes with working at the heart of current social changes.

Meet great minds. Read great books. Express yourself in ways you never have before.

A community for the digital tech economy

At CODE talented and ambitious students from diverse backgrounds come together, forming a community of tomorrow’s Digital Pioneers. Realize your potential, create meaningful projects, and have a positive impact on society.

Our partner network

Who are the people behind CODE?

CODE is inspired and backed by Germany’s most successful and visionary internet entrepreneurs, as well as courageous educators who think higher education needs an update.

  • Founded by entrepreneurs

    Supported by more than two dozen German internet pioneers, CODE offers unique opportunities in the startup community.

  • Supported by renowned scientific experts

    CODE’s academic council consists of tech-enthusiastic academic leaders with outstanding reputations.

  • Built with a hands-on approach

    Digital experts and enthusiasts themselves, the management team of CODE cultivates a strong hands-on mentality.

  • Part of a worldwide movement

    CODE is connected to leading tech and entrepreneurial initiatives around the globe.

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