Welcome to CODE! We are a private state-recognized university of applied sciences located in vibrant Berlin, supported by Germany’s leading startup entrepreneurs. We are where rule-breakers and visionaries converge to redefine learning. At CODE, you’re not just a student; you’re a digital pioneer, crafting the future with each project. Our campus is your playground, set in an ecosystem brimming with technology innovators and creative disruptors.

Open House on June 8, 2024
at 11:00 (CET)

Learn about CODE, meet our students and team, get to know our learning concept of curiosity-driven education and ask all your burning questions!

70+ startups founded by our students & alumni

Our learning concept is radically different

  • Real-life projects

    Each core semester students pitch project ideas to each other and work on real-life projects that ignite their curiosity.

  • Interdisciplinarity

    Students form interdisciplinary project teams across all study programs, combining diverse skills to develop digital products.

  • Professors as mentors

    Our professors take on the role of mentors, offering tailored support for problem-solving and delivering focused learning units as needed.

  • Self-directed learning

    In a world where knowledge is just a click away, we promote dynamic education through self-directed learning and peer collaboration.

CODE students are crazy different

Students from over 80 nationalities converge on our Berlin campus, each bringing their unique perspective to a vibrant, collaborative community. These visionaries are not just learners; they’re digital pioneers actively shaping the future, pushing the boundaries of technology.

Our partners

A campus located in the middle of Berlin’s vibrant startup scene

Our campus at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park is more than just a study space, it’s a second home to our students. With a community kitchen, co-working areas, meeting rooms, a café and restaurant, spaces for meditation and yoga and – not to forget – a ball pit, it balances work and fun seamlessly.

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