At CODE, we want to attract the most talented – not the most privileged.

As a private institution we have to ask our students for a substantial financial contribution in the form of tuition, because we do not get any financial support from the state.

The costs for our Bachelor’s programs are a total amount of €32,768 (no matter how long you study). So, the monthly payment would be €910,22 for 36 months. This calculation and the underlying assumptions will be updated every three years.

At the same time, we want to inspire and empower the digital change-makers of tomorrow. What we therefore cannot and will not do is exclude those who cannot shoulder the financial burden of private-university tuition.

Fair. Free. United.

That is why we are very happy that – with the help from our friends at CHANCEN eG – we can offer you a solution where there is no upfront or monthly payment of any tuition required while you study at CODE.

With the Income Share Agreement, CHANCEN eG builds a community of students who receive fair and equal education opportunities. In return, they will invest in the next generation of students, affording them the same opportunity.

Both payment options are available for international students as well.

How to finance your education – Study now, pay later

Our partner CHANCEN eG will help you to finance your education and advance your career opportunities. Irrespective of your financial background, they promote equal opportunities giving you the freedom to access education and shape your own career path.

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The values of our partner CHANCEN eG are

  • Solidarity-based community
  • Fair financing
  • Free acccess to education


Pay now or later – you decide!

Option 1: The income-based delayed tuition model

In this model your payment starts after graduation. This contribution will be a fair percentage (13,5%) of your yearly, pre-tax income for eight years, but only if your relevant income in a year exceeds €27,000. After eight years you are done. That means if you – for whatever reason – never earn more than €27,000 a year, you won’t have to pay any tuition fees.
On the other hand, if you are earning obscene amounts of money, you will never pay more than two times the tuition fees a student with an average income would have paid. In the end it’s a solidarity model. One for all, and all for one.

How could this look like?

Option 2: The monthly payment tuition model

For this option we will assume what the average income of a CODE student will be in his or her first eight years of professional life and calculate the discounted equivalent of what he or she would pay with the income-based delayed tuition model. At the moment this would result in a monthly payment of €910,22 for 36 months, adding up to €32,768. This calculation and the underlying assumptions will be updated every three years.
That means students who decide to pay their tuition on a monthly basis while studying will pay exactly as much as the average student who decides to contribute via the income-based delayed tuition model.

We financed our studies through an Income Share Agreement and therefore had the freedom to develop personally and as entrepreneurs. We would like to offer the same opportunities for development and learning to other students. That is why we founded CHANCEN eG and committed to reaching more students every day.Olaf Lampson & Florian Kollewijn,
Founders and CEOs of CHANCEN eG