Still, we need to ask for tuition to cover some of our costs.

That’s because, as a state-recognized but private institution – unlike public universities in Germany – our bills aren’t paid by the state.

A diverse student body means a lot to us. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that CODE attracts and supports talented and motivated people from all over the world, regardless of their financial means.

In addition to the four different payment models we offer, there are opportunities through scholarships, student loans, or financial aid.

CODE makes a big difference – right from the start

The tuition is an investment in the future and your own professional development as part of a unique community.

CODE offers a holistic learning experience under optimal study conditions with intensive support. CODE students become part of an ecosystem that goes far beyond the learning environment of the university itself and offers a wide range of new career opportunities right from the start.

Tuition Models

Tuition fees cover the total academic duration of all students during the period of three years and are the same regardless of the chosen study field.

For more details on payment options, please contact our admissions team at to receive further details or book a call and have all your questions answered in less than 30 minutes.

Per Semester

  • Payment at the beginning of each semester
  • Exemptions for semesters on leave

Over a period of
6 semesters

Per Year

  • Annual payments
  • 4% discount applied

Over a period of
3 years

Fully Upfront

  • One-time payment at the start of your studies
  • 10% discount applied

Paid at

Per Month

  • Most used payment option by our students
  • Exemptions for semesters on leave
  • Can be supplemented with BAföG
  • Scholarships applicable

3 Years à

How to finance your studies

Work & Study

The majority of CODE students find employment by their second semester – for many, part time employment as a working student is another way to fund their academic careers.


We do offer scholarships and alternative financing options, for which you can also apply with our admissions team. If this is something you need, our team will be more than happy to help you through the process by setting up a call.

BAföG + KfW Student Loans

Germans and EU citizens who live in Germany may be entitled to receive BAföG as financial support during their studies at CODE – in fact, 18% of all students in Germany do!

Also, you may be eligible for a low-interest student loan from German public bank KfW.

Financial Aid

A variety of databases provide extensive information on how to obtain sponsorships and or outside funding. We have curated a small list of all the possible sites that may provide you with the needed information.

When I started studying at CODE in 2019, new opportunities suddenly opened up: I could finally tackle problems that require technical solutions. Without any active thoughts about starting a business, my current co-founders and I researched the potential of tokenization in a semester project – and after six months we reached the point where founding a company was the logical next step.Mona Feder, CODE Alumna & Co-Founder of Tokenstreet

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