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News and notable

Whether it is progress in general or something exciting we achieved: Here is where you find out first.

Read about us in German magazine DER SPIEGEL

March 25, 2017: There’s a great article about CODE and our founder in the recent issue of Germany’s leading news magazine DER SPIEGEL 13/2017 – also releasing more information about our supporters and investors. You can purchase a digital version of the magazine on their website.

First issue of the Code+Design Magazine

November 28, 2016: The Code+Design Initiative, which was founded by the CODE team, just published the first issue of the Code+Design Magazine (German language). It features an interview with our founder Thomas Bachem on pages 26 to 29. Reach out to us, if you want a copy.

First career fair for students

November 23, 2016: The team went to the “Traumberuf IT & Technik” career fair in beautiful Hamburg and had great chats and discussions with visitors and friends.
How do you like our self-designed (and self-constructed) booth?

Code+Design Camp in Cologne

October 21, 2016: We had a truly amazing Code+Design Camp in Cologne from Oct 18-21 with more than 120 super talented participants between 15 and 20 years of age as well as 30 awesome coaches. Thanks so much to everyone involved – we can’t wait for the next one!

Official request for state recognition

September 19, 2016: Last week, we handed over the final version of our request for state recognition as a German University of Applied Sciences. It will now go through the evaluation process by the German Council of Science and Humanities, which will take about 9 months.

It’s decided: CODE will come to Berlin

September 14, 2016: It’s official now: CODE will come to Berlin! We are very thankful for the political support we received from a lot of great people. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. Please read the official statement from Michael Müller, Major of Berlin (German).

Where to meet

We are very excited about everything we have planned. Get a small insight about our calendar in the next months. And come to meet us there!

Supporting the young talents of tomorrow

The Code+Design Initiative was founded by the team of CODE to support young people between 15 and 20 to get in touch with coding and designing and find out more about a possible career in that area. Mission and projects can be found at the website (German).

  • March 16-19 (Easter holidays), Hamburg (Prototyp-Museum, Hafencity)
  • April 08-11 (Easter holidays), Berlin (Factory Berlin, Rheinsberger Str. 76/77)
  • June 6-9 (Pentecost holidays), Munich (Freiheiz, Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz 1)

Just let us know if you want to visit!

Proudly presenting: The next Code+Design Camps

As the Code+Design Camp in October in Cologne was an amazing experience, we did not think long to decide that we would like to take it on the road all over Germany.
So we are very excited to announce the dates of more Code+Design Camps in every mayor city.

  • June 15-18 (Corpus Christi), Cologne (Ballonihallen, Ehrenfeldgürtel 96)
  • July 27-30 (Summer holidays), Stuttgart (Straßenbahnwelt)
  • August 10-13 (Summer holidays), Frankfurt
  • Summer holidays, Berlin
  • October holidays Hamburg

Career workshops

We are currently planning a roadshow through several cities where we invite young talents to get together for an exciting evening at a great company. Professional coders and designers will join us and talk about their career choices and their daily life. Stay tuned for the dates.

Open-door days

As soon as our campus is ready, we will have a lot of open-door days for you to visit us and find out what CODE will look like, meet the professors and staff and enjoy the city of Berlin.
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Career fairs for students

The founding team will be present at several career fairs for students, within the next month. Here are the next dates:

  • October 13, Cologne, Traumberuf Medien
  • November 22, Hamburg, Traumberuf IT & Technik
  • December 1, Stuttgart, Traumberuf Medien
  • December 8, München, Traumberuf Medien
  • January 30, 2018, Berlin, Traumberuf Medien

Interview with our

August 17, 2016: “Wir wollen weg vom Frontalunterricht” with Thomas Bachem in t3n magazine

Read the article (German)

Interview with the founding team

December 1, 2016: “Die CODE ist eine Hochschule für die digitalen Pioniere” in Berlin Valley magazine

Read the article (German)

What others wrote

A few magazines reached out to us during the last months. Find out what the journalists asked us – and what we answered.

You are a journalist and interested in the idea and/or the people behind CODE?
Please reach out to us at and let us know that you would like to receive more information about us. Looking forward to your message!

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