Adam Roe

Professor of Software Engineering

Adam is interested in how things work, how to build things, and how to make sure humans don’t use our extraordinary capacities to kill ourselves and wipe out civilization. Deeply curious and adventurous, he has lived in 4 countries and by now speaks several languages poorly and none perfectly. He launched his first website while in high school around the year 2000 for his photography, and has been building websites for various purposes ever since. His academic training focused largely on physics, bringing him to CERN, where he worked on the early years of data analysis at the Large Hadron Collider for his P.h.D. thesis. In 2012, he moved to Berlin, and tried his hand at professional photography once again, only to realize that it should remain a hobby (but there are great stories to tell here, of course). Adam’s interests in politics, social justice, and technology dovetailed into him becoming the Chief Technology Officer of Kiron Open Higher Education, a social startup dedicated to helping refugees gain access to Higher Education. Adam has been at CODE full-time since 2018, and is currently focusing on the first year of studies, as well as advanced topics including Cloud Computing and Continuous Delivery. His current research interests lie in the learning sciences.