Artificial Intelligence Design

Specialization of Interaction Design (B.A.)

Unlock the power of AI for design by joining our Artificial Intelligence Design specialization, with its disruptive approach to digital product design. By merging creativity and technical expertise, you’ll learn how to harness the full potential of AI as a new tool for designing innovative solutions. Explore the intersection of data-driven insights, intelligent systems, and human-centered design principles.

  • 3 Years
  • On Campus (Berlin)
  • 180 ECTS
  • State-accredited

What You Will Learn

Our Artificial Intelligence Design specialization enables you to unlock new possibilities in digital product creation by integrating AI and machine learning into your design process. You will learn to leverage AI to enhance creativity and problem-solving, explore AI-driven design tools, develop AI-powered prototypes, and understand how AI can help you analyze user data to inform design decisions.

As a graduate of this program, you’ll be equipped with the skills to streamline design processes using AI-powered tools, generate actionable insights from user data analysis, and develop prototypes that adapt to evolving user needs. With these cutting-edge skills, you’ll be poised to revolutionize industries by creating intelligent solutions that drive business growth and improve customer experiences.

Our learning concept is radically different

  • Real-life projects

    Each core semester, students pitch project ideas to each other and work on real-life projects that ignite their curiosity.

  • Interdisciplinarity

    Students form interdisciplinary project teams across all study programs, combining diverse skills to develop digital products.

  • Professors as mentors

    Our professors take on the role of mentors, offering tailored support for problem-solving and delivering focused learning units as needed.

  • Self-directed learning

    In a world where knowledge is just a click away, we promote dynamic education through self-directed learning and peer collaboration.

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