A Bachelor’s degree that prepares you for reality

Studying at CODE will be unlike any other higher-education experience. As a student, you will not be confronted with pre-selected knowledge but empowered to be a creative problem-solver.

Become a Software Engineer, Interaction Designer or Product Manager

We believe that the most effective way to learn is not by passively absorbing selected facts and ready-made content to reproduce for the next exam. That’s where curiosity-driven education comes into play. As part of an interdisciplinary learning experience, many modules offered by one of our three programs are also credited towards the other two.Each study program offers a diverse array of specializations, giving you the flexibility to customize your educational journey according to your interests and aspirations.

Bachelor of Science in
Software Engineering

Software engineers solve real-world problems by crafting code in a multitude of environments, disci­plines and lang­uages – on their own and in teams.

Bachelor of Arts in
Product Management

Product managers develop strategies and concepts for digital products, coordinate their development, analyze and validate ideas and help them grow.

Bachelor of Arts in
Interaction Design

Interaction designers use technology to identify user needs and then design, engineer and validate corresponding user interfaces and experiences.