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State of Berlin grants state recognition to CODE

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The State of Berlin Senate Chancellery for Science and Research has granted CODE University of Applied Sciences state-recognized status.

CODE commences operations in October and will begin its first semester with an expected 75 students. It will base its bachelor’s degree programs in Software Engineering, Interaction Design and Product Management on an innovative project-based learning approach.

“We are convinced that systematic, competency-based academic concepts like CODE’s can be implemented within the framework of a state-approved university. We are therefore very pleased to gain the trust and support of the State of Berlin,” said the university’s Founder and Chancellor, Thomas Bachem, commenting on the importance of this major milestone. Bachem (31), himself a successful internet entrepreneur, first had the idea for CODE 12 years ago. Upon leaving school, he was unable to find a university capable of conveying practical hands-on skills. In 2016, this prompted him to develop – together with co-founders Manuel Dolderer and Jonathan Rüth – the concept for a modern university for the digital and startup economy.

The educational focus is on self-directed, project-based learning instead of “chalk and talk”. University President Dolderer said: “In order to educate the best software developers in Europe within the fast-paced world of digital technology, we need to focus on giving them the ability to solve problems creatively, to continually update their knowledge of new technologies and concepts, and to work in interdisciplinary teams. This is the vision we built CODE on.”

In granting recognition, the State Chancellery took account of the German Council of Science and Humanities’ formal opinion, which in recent months has carried out a comprehensive concept review procedure. The State Secretary for Science and Research, Steffen Krach, said: “We want to make the most of chances presented by digital technology for the benefit of people in our city. Universities and research institutions play an important role in that. That’s why I am pleased that CODE, with its innovative concept, chose Berlin as its location and that this will further strengthen our potential for innovation. That also underlines the attractiveness of Berlin in forging the future of digitization. I wish the university an excellent start, and their students every success for their studies.”

About CODE: CODE University of Applied Sciences is a private university for digital product development that aims to educate the digital pioneers of tomorrow through English-language courses. It is financed and supported by over 25 prominent digital entrepreneurs such as Rolf Schrömgens (Trivago), Florian Heinemann (Project A), Benjamin Otto (Otto), Verena Pausder (Fox & Sheep) and Ijad Madisch (ResearchGate).