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High-profile university manager leads CODE into a new era

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Foto: Prof. Dr. Peter Ruppel (President), Thomas Bachem (Founder & Executive Chairman), Verena Pausder (University Council), Dr. Reimar Müller-Thum (CEO & Chancellor)

Berlin, July 5, 2023 – CODE University of Applied Sciences appoints Dr. Reimar Müller-Thum as the university’s CEO and Chancellor. Müller-Thum brings extensive experience in education and technology.

Reimar Müller-Thum is a renowned expert in the field of higher education and has made a name for himself through his innovative approaches and leadership skills. Prior to CODE, he spent ten years as managing director of Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and Macromedia Academy, as well as Galileo Global Education Germany.

Müller-Thum will continue to develop CODE’s strategic direction and drive the institution’s growth. His commitment to excellence in teaching and his focus on hands-on learning will help students develop their skills in technology.

CODE is excited to welcome Reimar Müller-Thum as its new executive director and is confident that his experience and vision will take the university to new heights. With his strong background in higher education and commitment to innovation, he will help establish CODE as a leading institution for innovative technology education.

Commenting on his appointment, Müller-Thum said: “For me, CODE is one of the most innovative educational initiatives of the last decade and a diamond in the rough. I am excited about what the founding team has built and look forward to using my experience to help CODE reach its full potential.”

Thomas Bachem, founder and previously sole Managing Director of CODE, is proud that with Reimar Müller-Thum joining, CODE won over one of the most interesting and high-profile personalities in Germany’s private education business. In his new role as Executive Chairman, Bachem will work in close coordination with Müller-Thum and will be responsible in particular for the areas of entrepreneurship, corporate partnerships, network, brand and public communications.

About CODE:
CODE University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-recognized university for the digital pioneers of tomorrow, based in Berlin. Its unique learning concept and its three English-language degree programs in Software Engineering, Interaction Design, and Product Management are focused on skills that will be needed in the working world of the future. In July 2017, CODE was granted state recognition by the state of Berlin. Approximately 600 students are now enrolled at CODE. Since then, CODE has been funded and supported by more than 30 prominent digital entrepreneurs, such as e-commerce pioneer Stephan Schambach, Rolf Schrömgens (Trivago), Florian Heinemann (Project A), Benjamin Otto (Otto), Verena Pausder (Fox & Sheep) or Ijad Madisch (ResearchGate).

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