Who are we and what do we do?

CODE is a university of applied sciences in Berlin dedicated to creating an inspiring environment where students learn out of curiosity and eagerness to grow. By offering a team- and project-based learning concept we are aiming at educating the digital pioneers of tomorrow. If you are passionate about empowering young students through intense mentoring and critical questioning, please read on…

Open positions

Student Affairs Coordinator

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Senior HR Manager

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Office Manager

You will be responsible to make the CODE team’s work as smooth and pleasant as possible.

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Marketing manager

You will be a big support into the growth of CODE’s student base and an important actor for spreading the word about CODE

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Fullstack Developer – Node.js / React

You will be building the learning platform that enables CODE students, professors, and staff alike to work together. Together with a tightly knit team of developers, we have to deliver a fully fledged first version covering the core features by August 15, after which we’ll continuously improve and build features that create a fundamentally better learning experience.

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Professor for Software Engineering

You are expected to and are experienced in teaching computer sciences and working on teams with our students to apply technologies to real-life examples and offer guidance to turn these ideas into practical experiences.

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Who are we looking for?

At CODE we don’t define ourselves by our titles. Instead, you will become part of a diverse group of professors, lecturers, students and network partners, where everyone seeks to learn something new every day and is looking for ways to support other members of the community on their individual learning journeys.

Professor Joana Lemos teaching at CODE University
  • Hands-on mentality

    Just as our learning concept is centered on a challenge-based approach, where students learn by working in transdisciplinary teams, so is our team.

  • Grow with your tasks

    We are not looking for ready made applicants with perfect CVs. What we expect is that you are as excited as we are about CODE and its upcoming milestones

  • Be a team player

    We are a small team and have to rely on each other. You won`t get an agenda with tasks every day, but instead have the freedom to contribute your strengths.

  • Be open-minded

    The first idea is not always the best. So, be open-minded and don`t try to only push your own goals.

We believe that educating the Digital Pioneers of tomorrow needs a supportive and challenging learning environment

Our professors are dedicated educators who foster the various qualities of their students by supplying real-life cases, personal mentoring and valuable insights into their fields of expertise.

The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.Alexandra K. Trenfor, Teacher