Curiosity-driven Education

At CODE you will experience a new way of learning. Our experiential learning approach enables you to acquire core competences that help you succeed in a dynamically changing world – even in fields that don’t yet exist.

  • The science of learning

    Based on decades of cognitive and behavioral research into learning conducted by scientists all over the world.

The most effective way to learn is not by passively absorbing selected facts and ready-made content to reproduce for the next exam. Information is best remembered when it is applied and embedded in a context of practical meaning. That’s where the That’s where curiosity-driven education comes into play.

  • Our educational approach

    Provides you with meaningful experiences and helps you learn to reflect on them.

The challenging projects you work on, and the reflection on your experiences within these projects, will bring you to a deep understanding of fundamental concepts that are relevant to you because they connect with your experience.

  • The right mindset

    Excellent skills and deep knowledge but also exploring all possibilities.

You can then try to apply those concepts to your next challenge and learn more about their practical importance. After mastering a number of challenges in this fashion, you will develop what we call a pioneer’s mindset: a confidence in your ability to master as-yet unknown challenges by analyzing them critically, acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary, and effectively communicating and collaborating with others.

A new kind of university

We believe universities should seek to empower their students, to foster their creativity, and to provide fertile soil for their personal growth. Studying at CODE will be a learning experience different from everything you would expect from a typical university.

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.Albert Einstein (or some dude on the internet)

We do not believe in the importance of grades or the value of theoretical knowledge acquired just to pass an exam. Chances are, this knowledge (or what will be left of it) will be of little or no use to you in your professional life.
We will discuss your ideas and beliefs with you, but we will never expect you to learn something just to pass a test.

Our approach is to present you with inspiring challenges that spark your imagination, while at the same time showing you what you need to learn to master them. We will assist you in identifying helpful resources and organize workshops where you can get assistance from experts as well as your peers while providing useful feedback for others.

New concepts for higher education

The study programs at CODE are designed with the same educational concept in mind.

  • Projects

    Will be the core of your study experience.

  • Challenged-based learning

    Helps you master your challenges in three steps.

  • Science, Technology and Society Program

    Encourages creativity and critical thinking.

  • Mentoring and lectures

    Offer guidance for your individual learning journey.

Make meaningful experiences

Our professors and teaching staff do not think of themselves as the ones who possess valuable knowledge that they want to simply pass on to you. Instead, they understand that they have to prepare you for an as-yet unknown future where their knowledge will be of little to no value to you.

That is why they focus on enabling you to have meaningful first-hand experiences, guiding you to reflect on the experiences critically, and empowering you to master challenging projects with your ability to think creatively, to communicate effectively, and to collaborate well with others.

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. We become builders by building.Aristotle, Greek philosopher and scientist
CODE digital pioneer

Digital Pioneers

As software eats the world, those who create software are shaping the world and therefore need a deep understanding of the underlying technology and its possibilities, and also an awareness of the social and economic consequences.

We won’t be satisfied with letting you become a skilled software engineer, interaction designer or product manager who will easily find a well-paid job. For us, that is nice to have but not nearly enough. We want you to develop the mindset of a Digital Pioneer. A Digital Pioneer is someone who possesses excellent skills and deep knowledge in their field of expertise, and who is also eager to explore the as-yet unknown possibilities of the digital transformation our society is experiencing.

Whether by skillfully crafting beautiful software products that substantially improve the lives of their users, or by founding companies that disrupt whole industries – Digital Pioneers build what matters in unexplored areas and strive to make a positive difference with their work. That is why we believe in the importance of our Science, Technology & Society Program (STS).

Through the STS seminars and workshops, you will study the works of authors, historians and artists; discuss fundamental philosophical, sociological and ethical concepts; and playfully engage in the experience of theater, music and art performance. This will provide you with the opportunity to improve your critical thinking and creative abilities, to broaden your horizons, and to gain a deep understanding of the challenges our society faces today.