A campus for the digital economy

The CODE campus is a unique place for young talents to bring their ideas to life.

A campus for Digital Pioneers

Have you ever heard about a university being integrated into a community space and surrounded by hundreds of entrepreneurs, successful startups and inspiring digital pioneers?

Integrated into the digital world: Our highest goal is to shape a learning environment students have always dreamed of.

There is no better place than a community space for a university like CODE. Thomas Bachem, Chancelor of CODE

More than just a campus

Unlike a typical university, CODE will be located on one of the largest startup campuses in Europe – Factory Berlin.

Unlike a typical university, CODE will be located inside one of the largest startup campuses in Europe – the Factory Berlin.

As an enrolled student, you will be a member of this community (we pay your monthly membership fee) and gain access to an inspiring work environment and exclusive events.

Probably the most modern campus in the world

No matter whether you feel like working in the library, on the terrace in the sun or in one of the bookable meeting rooms to find some privacy: You can work from wherever you like.

An outstanding building

On five floors, Factory Görlitzer Park is the size of almost three American football fields. The whole building will blow your mind. Several architects and a great interior design team spent months to build this unique place. We promise: You will love it!

Integrated in the digital economy

Factory Berlin has established partnerships with some of the most pioneering companies and enterprises in the hi-tech industry such as Twitter, Uber and Pinterest – not to forget the Digital Hub Initiative for IoT and FinTech.

Yoga, cinema or just chillin’?

Breathe in, breathe out – and experience all the different sites of the building. We cannot really explain it: you have to see it with your own eyes. Decide for yourself: Is it going to be meditation and yoga to find your inner balance or rather a visit to the fully equipped cinema?

Meet our founding club of partners

Interested in becoming a corporate partner of CODE?

Building a community of equals

At CODE, you will become part of a diverse group of students, lecturers, professors and network partners forming a team where everyone seeks to learn something new every day and support each other in various ways.

Community and Events

There are a lot of interesting opportunities to meet us in person and to understand who we are and what we dream of.

Supporting the talents of tomorrow

The Code+Design Initiative was founded by the team of CODE to provide young people aged between 15 and 20 with the opportunity to find out more about coding or designing.

  • Code+Design Camp, October 26-29, Berlin
  • Further dates to be announced soon – Check out code.design/camps

Open door days

As soon as our campus will be ready, we will have quite a few open door days – come and visit us and find out what CODE will look like, meet the professors and staff and enjoy the City of Berlin.

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Meeting and networking options

The founding team will be present at several events within the next months. Here are the next dates:

Diversity over uniformity

We want CODE to be a multifaceted place for men and women and everyone else from all back­grounds. So that we can learn from each other.

At CODE, you will have ample opportunities to question your prejudices. In discussions, we value ideas over hierarchy. That does not mean your ideas won’t get challenged, however. Prepare yourself for intense debates. In the end, the best idea wins – no matter if it came from a student, a professor or a big-shot CEO.

CODE is a place to learn, support, evolve and make mistakes. What is most important is your willingness to give it your all. If you are intimidated because you perceive the industry as male-dominated, there is no better place to meet other motivated women who had the same reservations and did it anyway! If you are interested in and passionate about what CODE has to offer, take the plunge.Sarah Kurten is going to start her studies in October.
  • Real-life cases for real-life learning

    We are dedicated to teaming up with best-in-class players to focus on the most relevant technologies and give our students the opportunity to learn concrete and applicable skills through challenging projects.

  • It’s all about people

    At CODE, we value soft and social skills as much as the capability to use cutting-edge technologies. People are the key, and we empower our students how to be team players.

  • Foster smart interactions

    Our students and partners are encouraged to meet in regular and constructive meet-ups and on even more classical occasions (like e.g job fairs or in internships).

Our partners: Connecting with talents from day one

Led by our professors and mentors, our students are exposed to real life experience in interdisciplinary teams. Our partners are invited to contribute to this “learning by doing” philosophy and may present cases as well as delegate experts.

Do you wish to become a corporate partner of CODE?

Let’s talk! We have quite some great options and ideas to offer.
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