Call for professors

While designing our study programs, we had a unique study experience in mind: At CODE, students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff should form a community of equals with one goal: to help each other grow.

Become part of something great

At CODE we don’t define ourselves by our titles. Instead, you will become part of a diverse group of professors, lecturers, students and network partners, where everyone seeks to learn something new every day and is looking for ways to support other members of the community on their individual learning journeys. As a professor, you see yourself as a member with extraordinary responsibility towards the other members of our community – not as an exceptionally privileged one.

Be an inspiring role model

We are looking for professors and teaching staff who don’t think of themselves as the main resource for valuable knowledge that needs to be transferred to the students by PowerPoint-driven lectures. Instead, we want them to provide challenges that trigger the intrinsic learning impulses of their students. Professors at CODE are truly passionate about their fields of expertise and understand how to inspire students without resorting to marks and tests.

Preparing for an unknown future

We believe that this is the best way to prepare the students for an yet unknown future in an increasingly fast-changing professional environment.
Through the careful guidance and personal mentoring of our professors and lecturers, students will become critically reflective and creative problem solvers who are used to incorporating trans-disciplinary perspectives in their working methods: The Digital Pioneers of tomorrow.

We believe that educating the Digital Pioneers of tomorrow needs a supportive and challenging learning environment

Our professors are dedicated educators who foster the various qualities of their students by supplying real-life cases, personal mentoring and valuable insights into their fields of expertise.

Lectures are a way of transferring the instructor’s lecture notes to students’ notebooks without passing through the brains of either.Eric Mazur, Professor of Physics and Applied Sciences at Harvard University

Your tasks and responsibilities

As CODE is still in the process of formation, there will be numerous opportunities to define the ways in which we achieve our common vision and respectively shape the roles and responsibilities of our academic staff.

  • Project-oriented didactics

    Our didactic approach is centered on a challenge-based approach where students learn by working in transdisciplinary teams. As a professor at CODE, you will help define those projects with our partners and support student groups.

  • Students mentoring

    Individual one-on-one mentoring sessions are a vital part of our students’ development process. As an academic mentor, you will help your mentees to define and achieve their academic goals.

  • Weekly lecture series

    In our weekly open-lecture series, professors and keynote speakers shed light on important topics within CODE’s study programs. As a professor, you will help organize the series as well as plan and conduct additional seminars.

  • Conducting applied research

    As renowned experts, professors at CODE are required to contribute to their respected fields of excellence. We understand applied research as a key link between society and academics that continuously helps both spheres to advance.

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Your professional profile

  • Teaching experience

    We are looking for professionals who are dedicated to, and have experience in, teaching adults. Personal mentoring experience is preferable but not mandatory.

  • Academic distinction

    Professors at CODE need – by law – a proof of their academic capacity. This is usually done by obtaining a doctorate in their respective field. Under certain circumstances exceptions can be made. If you are not sure about whether you fulfill this criteria, contact us.

  • Professional experience

    CODE is about interlocking the academic, entrepreneurial and cultural sphere. Our professors are required to have at least five years of significant professional experience in and outside of the educational sector.