Unicon 2024

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March 15, 2024, was all about the 7th Annual Edition of CODE students’ Unicon Conference.


‘No Bullshit. Just Insights.’ 

Unicon was founded in 2017 by a group of interdisciplinary students from CODE. A conference for students by students, Unicon brings together a diverse group of seasoned entrepreneurs each year for unfiltered sessions on professional and life experiences.

While Berlin is known internationally for its vibrant startup ecosystem, Unicon trains its focus on the most important commodity in the startup scene – students!

This event combines live discussions, keynote speeches, and interesting workshops – each designed to succinctly define the experience of becoming and growing into being a founder.

Unicon’s advent 7 years ago can be traced back to the need for a platform that allows students and industry leaders to come together and forge meaningful connections. The values of connection, diversity, and celebration form the core of Unicon.


The agenda for Unicon 2024 was chock-full of interesting topics laid forth by speakers from various corners of the digital economy in Germany. Topics such as health-tech, venture consulting, website development & design, and fintech were covered – among others.

Judith Dada, Venture Capitalist and General Partner at La Famiglia VC – as well as a member of CODE’s board – spoke about the founder mindset, and how to carve out an individual journey in a fast-changing global economy.

Lennard Schmidt, CEO of Langdock and an alumnus of CODE as well as Y Combinator, shared insights about his own journey in tech-driven entrepreneurship.

Diana zur Löwen, multi-hyphenate (influencer, investor, speaker consultant), shared her personal journey from content creator to finance expert with the audience.

Diana zur Lowen
Diana zur Löwen talks about her experiences as an angel investor

Lars Zimmerman, Co-Founder of GovTech Campus, brought a fascinating overview of the implementation of modern tech into public administration to facilitate improvement in civil society.

Johannes Schaback, CTO of SumUp, and Johanna Weber, Co-Founder at Blossom Design, were crowd favourites – each partaking in spirited sessions about the experience of heading a tech company.

Attendees got a chance to interact with speakers and set up short interviews with them. And of course, there was a dinner and after-party to follow.

Discover the full list of speakers at Unicon 2024 on their website.


For the first time, we happened to host Unicon 2024 in conjunction with the CODE Partner Day.

Partner Day at CODE is a day when our partners visit the campus and interact with students. There are usually introductory pitches, lively Q&A rounds, and individual interview sessions – in short, an excellent networking opportunity.

Thank you to Porsche AG, Deutsche Telekom, AVM GmbH, Forte Digital, CarByte, Delivery Hero, and 4cost for participating in the event!

Unicon 2024 Partners
AVM GmbH pitches at Unicon 2024

To Look Forward To

Unicon 2025! If this article piqued your interest and you’d like to attend Unicon next year: Keep an eye out for when the agenda and tickets for next year is live on the website.

Have specific questions you want answered in advance, or a great idea you’d like to pitch directly? Get in touch with Unicon directly here.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the CODE website for interesting insights into the ever-evolving world of curiosity-driven education!


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