Revolutionize Your Tech Education at CODE University of Applied Science

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Revolutionize Your Tech Education at CODE University of Applied Science

Welcome to the official blog of CODE University of Applied Science, Berlin’s premier tech university! If you’re passionate about technology, startups, and innovative learning, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the unique features and offerings of our university, catering to aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts with an appetite for growth, self-drive, and community engagement. Let’s explore how CODE University can empower you to unleash your potential and thrive in the digital world.

project-based learning at CODE


Embrace Progressive Education at CODE

At CODE University, we offer a forward-thinking approach to education. Say goodbye to traditional theory-based learning and hello to project-based studies! We believe in hands-on experiences that allow students to shape their own learning journeys. With our cutting-edge programs, you can choose how you study, what you study, and at your own pace. Emphasizing real-world applications, our curriculum equips students with the practical skills needed to succeed in the tech industry.

Project-based learning in progress at CODE

Explore a Range of Programs:

We offer three diverse and exciting bachelor’s programs to suit your interests and ambitions:

    1. BSc Software Engineering: Dive deep into the world of programming, software development, and computer science. Develop your coding skills and create innovative solutions for real-world challenges.
    2. BA Product Management: Learn how to transform ideas into successful products and lead teams to deliver exceptional user experiences. Gain expertise in strategic planning, market research, and project management.
    3. BA Interaction Design: Combine your passion for creativity and technology. Master user-centric design principles, prototyping, and interactive media to craft immersive digital experiences.

Our  Admissions:

Our university is perfect for individuals who possess an entrepreneurial mindset, curiosity, and a desire to empower others. While high school graduation is the primary requirement, we also welcome university students looking to switch their majors and embrace a more hands-on approach to learning. Our target audience includes both international and domestic students, with a focus on Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK


Group of students sitting at a table at CODE University of applied sciences


Foster a Supportive Community:

At CODE University, we foster a supportive and inclusive community. Students feel a sense of belonging and have ample opportunities to contribute to the community in various ways. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are at the heart of our approach, allowing you to grow both personally and professionally.

What makes CODE unique: 

    • Learning by Doing: Gain practical experience and work on real-world projects, ensuring a smooth transition from academia to industry. 
    • Tech-First Education: Stay at the forefront of technological advancements and acquire skills that are in high demand. 
    • Higher Salaries for Graduates: Our graduates are well-equipped and sought after by top companies, commanding higher salaries in the job market. 
    • Empowering Others: Embrace our mission to empower others through knowledge sharing, community engagement, and collaborative projects.

Our brand identity is built on empowering, progressive, engaging, intelligent, honest, and fun values. While our main competitors include renowned tech universities such as WHU, TU Munich and Berlin, and Minerva, CODE University stands out with its unique learning-by-doing approach, professional treatment of students, higher graduate salaries, and a thriving supportive community.

CODE University of Applied Science is your gateway to an exciting and progressive tech education. Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals and gain the skills you need to innovate the future



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