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This week we are wrapping-up with Niklas Terrahe, ThirdParty Product Management student.

Niklas, and his co-founders Fabrice Diedrich, ThirdParty Product Management student, currently working on Compensaid, Lufthansa’s official carbon offsetting platform, and Liam Hänel, experienced UX/UI designer & freelancer with history of working in the marketing and advertising industry and startups, spent the last 13 months building and developing Nul. And even participated in CODE Catalyst program in 2020.

We’re super proud to share how far they’ve come in the last year.

So what is Nul? Nul helps companies to effortlessly offset the personal footprint of each individual employee. It’s a monthly carbon offset subscription designed for teams. And This month, Nul was acquired by Athyna, a fast-growing Australian HR startup with the vision of lowering the barriers to hiring top talent globally and driving sustainability through empowering employees.

Niklas share’s the teams 2021 WRAP-UP

What are you currently doing…

We’re currently stealth mode validating products in Web3 and Environmental Tech, combining our passions between Crypto and sustainability.

Our biggest challenge this year…

Prioritizing! We were a small team, and there was just too much going on from building our product to sales to customer support to accounting to speaking to investors, studying and handling our private lives. But the biggest struggle is to talk to great people who tell you 100 good reasons why something will not work and then get back to work and be motivated to sell this product and grow it further.

Luckily we got support from professors, fellow students, friends, and family.

Our greatest success… 

Getting acquired after grinding and hustling for over a year and seeing a fresh new team continuing what we were starting.

Proud of ourselves because we… 

My team and I had the most intense year in every single sense. A year where we went full time remote, made our first money with something we built ourselves. A year where people took us more serious than we thought we were. A year where we met incredible people, both from CODE and outside of CODE, but most importantly a year where we had the strongest learning curve ever. We realized that the fact that we can do what we burn for, full time, is the biggest privilege ever. This I’m grateful for.

If it weren’t for CODE… 

CODE manages it somehow to give me the freedom to experiment and do the things I burn for. At the same time enables me to learn new incredible things. I have both an accelerating network and really good friends at CODE. It is both a safe space and a motivating, hype community.

People that really helped me this year…

My incredible team Fabrice Diedrich, Liam Hänel

Congratulations Nul! We’re really proud and honoured to see teams like Nul grow and flourish like this, and we wish you all nothing but the best with your future ventures – we’re sure there will be bigger and even more exciting things to come!


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