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Let’s wrap up the week with nft studio berlin! Today, we’re hearing from Vicktoria Klich NextGeneration Product Management student & Co-Founder of nft studio berlin. 

This year, Vicktoria and her Co-Founders, Jonathan Kuhl, and Henrik Bredenbals founded their first company together – nft studio berlin

nft studio founding day


nft studio berlin is a full-service provider for NFT strategies – from own collections & communities to limited drops. They;

– conceptualize projects & provide complete education on non-fungible tokens as well as their use cases – adapted to your brand or artists,

– complete minting & launch of your own NFTs,

– organize collaborations with renowned artists so that your brand appears in the right light,

– provide educational material – NFTs are something new & that’s why we take care of answering all your audience’s questions.

The team currently acts as a research and investment hub for exciting projects in the Web3 space. They plan to expand towards content production and a web3 community in the coming year and become the go-to place for topics around NFTs, Crypto, and Metaverse.

They all make investment decisions together, but to be more precise: Jonathan is entirely into NFT games and guilds, Vicktoria analyses Blockchains, NFTs, and Metaverse projects and focuses more on content, and Henrik is the person for everything from admin stuff to communication with their partners.

It was an exciting year for the trio. After working on another project toward the end of 2021 – Varry, a platform that enables students and young professionals to learn, exchange, connect and make new friends sustainably – they are happy WRAP-UP 2021 with us;

A moment we almost lost hope…

We saw the potential of NFTs for creatives and brands earlier this year. Unfortunately, everyone shied away from it and wasn’t interested in the technology. We used the time to learn while setting up our own NFT drop. Now we’re in a phase where everyone is suddenly interested in the topic.

Our biggest challenge this year/semester…

Find a scalable use case in the chaotic world of NFTs.

Our greatest success…

We tried out many things and faced so many problems. If there’s one thing the CODE has taught us, it’s consistency and the love to learn new things. Without this attitude, we wouldn’t be where we are now – in the middle of developing a new big project: w3.fund

Our biggest project f***up…

We thought it is easy to drop a 10k NFT collection.

Proud of ourselves because…

We have gone through so many phases in the last 2 years and worked so closely together, trying different projects and always believing we would eventually find the right one for us. In between we had to clear some stones out of the way, but this has brought us even stronger together. We are a pretty good team and know our strengths and weaknesses. Feliks Eyser, among others, also saw this potential and brought us into their office at the end of October, where we now invest together in exciting projects in the NFT sector and position ourselves early in the space.


They are very active on LinkedIn, so be sure to keep an eye out for more exciting news & developments in the new year!



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