2021 Wrap-Up | Luis Coelho

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Today we are honored to share the 2021 WRAP-UP of NextGeneration, Software Engineering student Luis Coelho, who has recently handed in his Bachelor Thesis! 

Luis has worked chiefly at Porsche A.G. (2 years) as an intern (6 months) and then Working Student/Research Engineer in Emerging Technologies Research. And more specifically, was involved in research projects related to Computer Vision – Mixed Reality and Affective Computing. 

My greatest success…

Graduating from CODE with a Bachelor’s Thesis that I am really proud of, which got me the highest grade (1.0). Topic: In-car emotion sensing. 

Proud of myself because…

I have developed my skills in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible four years ago. 

If it weren’t for CODE… 

I wouldn’t have had access to such an invaluable pool of connections who I could do a bunch of cool stuff with. 

People that really helped me this year…

Ulrich von Zadow (SE Professor) supervised my capstone project and bachelor thesis and was an excellent mentor, managing to find the right balance between requiring conceptual precision and offering kindness. Moreover, he believed in my potential as a researcher, which was really encouraging. 

Currently Doing:

I am still working part-time at Porsche where we are making my Bachelor Thesis into a conference paper to be submitted in the following year. I also have another part-time position at EOMAP where I work as a cloud engineer for satellite imagery applications. 

Next steps:

I can see myself going further in research (Masters and Ph.D., perhaps?). But first, some industry experience would make sense.


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