2021 Wrap-Up | Jonathan Caspari

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Today, we’re wrapping up with Jonathan Caspari! Jonathan is a Thirdparty Interaction Design student in his final semesters at CODE. Jonathan, also an extremely talented photographer, shares his 2021 WRAP-UP with us;

My biggest challenge this year…

At CODE, I have the opportunity to explore as many different areas in a semester as I want. This opportunity is a good thing, but I worked on many overlapping areas that didn’t fit each other this semester, such as filmmaking and 3D work. Switching from one topic to another and back again in a short amount of time can be pretty challenging.

My biggest success…

Learning so much about 3D and filmmaking from so many perspectives and even putting it into practice was a lot of fun. Even though I am still a beginner, I can use these skills in future projects, which is my biggest success.

If it weren’t for CODE…

I wouldn’t have the freedom to manage my studies the way I want to with the areas I want to explore more.

Be sure to check out more of his work on Unplash!


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