Inside an Admission Day: A Super-secret Peek into the Last Step of the Admission Process

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Author: ReBecca Compton

Hey you, come closer! I have something super secret to tell you: what it’s really like inside one of CODE’s Admission Days! Don’t tell anyone I’m telling you this…

I know you’ve been nervous about the application process, and I totally understand, but you don’t need to be! Let me give you a peek into what your Admission Day (AD) will look like to show you what I mean. Keep in mind: by then you’ll already have done your written application, submitted a challenge and had a call with our amazing Admissions Team. Now it’s time for your AD!

“If you’re excited about the unique program that CODE is offering then you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the rest of the applicants in your Admission Day will be similarly excited. Having a room full of passionate people can be an electric experience.” -Nicholas R, Software Engineering, #4thDimension

The ADs are great because 1. You get to meet members of the team and current students 2. You find out all about our learning concept 3. You learn more about CODE’s culture and 4. It’s just super fun. It’s an intense day, but the kind of day where at the end, you take a deep, satisfying breath and say, “Wow, I did a lot. I deserve some cake.”

Until after the pandemic is over, the ADs are all remote, so bonus: you get to do the whole day from your home desk – very comfy. At 9 AM CEST, you’ll tune in, along with the Admissions Team and the members of the team (meaning staff and faculty) and current students who are helping out that day.

And this is where it really gets good. Oh, if the Admissions Team knew I was telling you this, I’d be so busted, so let’s keep this between us. 

Icebreakers? Pft, the Admissions Team knows them all. Let’s just say that I’m #VideoGames, #Diversity and #KidsAreCoolerThanAdults 😉 After the ice is sufficiently broken, you’ll jump into your first activity. I can’t tell you what it is, BUT I can tell you that it’s really fun. Just check out these pics of the team when they tried it out earlier this year!

Student Lifecycle team
The Student Lifecycle team

Next you’ll have some info rounds! You’ll learn about our curriculum and about our community – all the best CODE-y stuff. I’ll be in one of the info rounds, but don’t worry: when I see you, I’ll pretend this conversation never happened. 

On to the meat and potatoes of the day: your second activity! This one’s more of a structured task. I can’t…*looks over shoulder* I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s the kind of thing you’ll have a few hours to work on. This part’s amazing because you get to work with the other applicants, making it the perfect practice for the group-working-on-a-project stuff that happens every day at CODE. It’s also just…awesome to spend time with the other applicants, laughing with them while you work together on something cool. 

“On the Admission Day we found ourselves in an environment which was a lot like what CODE turned out to be. The people I met there were both driven to do their best and supportive of one another. The air resonated with cooperation rather than competition. The people I worked with payed so much attention to help each other’s work, so we could rely on our teammates right away. My first friendships at CODE formed at the Admission Day.” -Péter W, Software Engineering, #ThirdParty

You’ll have time for an interview then too. I know what you’re thinking, but don’t freak out! It’s really just a way to spend time with the team one-on-one. It’s hard to get to know everyone well when we’re all in a bigger group, so this is your chance to have the team’s undivided attention to talk about the coolest person ever: you!

After that’s all finished, all the applicants come together to talk about what you did in your task, get some feedback from the team and students and settle in for your last info session (all your questions about payments: answered!). Last, but not least for the day: the team and students will come back to wish everyone a fantastic evening, and you can leave the Zoom call to go sleep for 15 hours straight.

“Scary as it may seem, don’t panic. It’s kind of fun actually. Try to enjoy it.” -Sijia T, Software Engineering, #4thDimension

See? Not so scary! You’ll even find out if you got accepted by the end of that same day! I didn’t mention earlier, but of course there’s also some breaks sprinkled in there, so you’ll have time to catch your breath now and then.

Oh…oh no, some team members are headed this way, I gotta go. Remember, I never told you all this insider information! 🤫 See you at your AD! Apply here



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