2021 Wrap-Up | Glenn Gregor

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We are very excited about this 2021 WRAP-UP. Today, we’re with Fourth Dimension, Software Engineering student Glenn Gregor.


Glenn is a frontend engineer at DegenScore, building an identity layer for web3, and is now in his second year of university at CODE.

 In the last year, Glenn started by getting into web development. After learning a bit of frontend development on his own, he quickly started working on a project with a good friend to improve his technical skills and apply what he had learned. Glenn and his friend built a workout app called “Crush It”. In the summer, he got a software engineering internship at Superchat, a startup founded by CODE students, which helped him get real-life experience. Since December, he has joined DegenScore as a frontend developer.


What is DegenScore?

DegenScore highlights a user’s story in decentralized finance over time. It is the identity layer for web3 that opens up new opportunities for communities and protocols. Check it out on degenscore.com


My biggest challenge this year…

Managing myself and keeping focus

When you hear about CODE, that you don’t have a curriculum, have a lot of freedom and can learn what you want, it sounds cool at first. However, this has its difficulties because you have to learn to manage yourself. You have to figure out what you need to know to achieve your personal goals, get to the right learning material, and manage your time. In the beginning, I tried to do too many things simultaneously and consequently didn’t make much progress. Focusing on one thing and my end goal helped me a lot.


My greatest success…

Building good habits

For me, that’s what I focused a lot on this year, and it’s what made the biggest difference in my life. I began meditating and journaling on a daily basis and started waking up at 5 AM. Having good habits helps me stay consistent and feel like I’m in control of my life.


I’m proud of myself because I…

Became more confident at social interactions

Starting and having conversations with other people was always a struggle for me. When you are on the CODE campus, however, you just bump into so many people that you automatically start conversations and get better over time. CODE’s learning concept also helped me so far, that you engage with others in projects and ask your peers for help if you need something. You are constantly in talks with others, and this builds social skills.


If it weren’t for CODE…

I wouldn’t have got into this fantastic community of inspirational people

CODE is truly a magical place where students work on cool stuff, and there is always something new to explore. Students come from different backgrounds and work in various fields, which means you can learn a lot from others. As I am also interested in founding, it is extremely motivating to be able to directly follow how other students build their startups and go from idea to reality. Thanks to the CODE team for making all this possible!


A person or people that really helped me this year…

This year I had countless people who had a significant positive impact on my life and helped me a lot. Some I want to thank here are: 

Nina Zavrieva, a former lecturer and now leadership at CODE gave me extremely valuable career advice throughout the year. Thomas Plattner, the best accountability partner I can imagine, helped me stay on track. And Giorgi Sharashenidze, the toughest guy I know, motivates me to get out of bed at 5 AM every morning.


We are very excited to see what the future holds for you, Glenn! 



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