Most important information

  • state-accredited Bachelor programs
  • in Software Engineering, Product Management, Interaction Design
  • Standard period of study: 3 years (6 semesters)
  • Semester begin: September
  • All 3 programs are taught in English
  • Face-to-face study program in Berlin (no distance learning)
  • Study abroad opportunities

To keep in mind of while applying

  • Our general admissions and enrolment requirements
  • Your English proficiency and how you can demonstrate it
  • To take your time for each step of the admission process
  • If you have any questions, reach out to us!
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

The admission process

Our admissions process is designed to identify if you are the type of student who will realize his or her potential at CODE and be a valuable part of our learning community.

Just as demanding and rewarding as our study programs

At CODE we worked hard to develop a special admission process that is an interesting learning experience in itself and not just a necessary administrative annoyance. Don’t worry that you might not know enough about digital product development to shine in the admission process. We are primarily busy with assessing your potential and motivation to be successful at CODE.

It always takes two parties for a perfect match

Our admission process has another unique quality: you are not competing with the other applicants for a spot. This is why all applicants going through the same application process, regardless of their previous knowledge and background. We cannot enroll an unlimited number of students but there is no fixed number of places to fill.

Even if you are not 100 percent sure if CODE is the right place for you: give it a try! During your application process, you will have the chance to learn how we think, talk, and act at CODE.

  • Step 1

    Written Application

We want to get to know you and will ask you a variety of questions. You don’t need any technical knowledge to answer them. Just be yourself.

Please note: If you need a visa to study in Germany, please consider earlier deadlines for your application! We have an extra page with more information for international applicants.

  • Step 2


We are not interested in your grades from school because we believe that school performance does not reliably reflect your skills and potential. Instead, we present you with an exciting challenge. Rather than confront you with standardized tests, CODE gives you the flexibility to define how you want to present yourself and your abilities.

  • Step 3

    Video Call and Admission Day

For the final step, we will invite you to a remote Admission Day that takes place online. To prepare for this step, we will get to know you in an individual video call beforehand.

During the Admission Day, you will take part in exciting activities and work on a group project together with other applicants. You will also have a final interview. We will inform you whether you receive an offer for a study contract a few days later.

Please note: Only those who have applied in due time and form will take part in the admission procedure.

Apply now!

By registering for our application process, you will receive an email from us with an invitation to set up your personal account.

If you don’t confirm your account, we will delete the account after three weeks and you would need to signup again.

There is always a gift in any challenge.Bronnie Ware, Author, songwriting teacher, and speaker

A special approach to learning requires special students

We have a special approach to learning and teaching at CODE, which is why we are looking for students who demonstrate the characteristics mentioned above. Because we are looking for special talents, we don’t believe that standardized test results or school grades will be of much help in our application process. What we can promise you is that we evaluate all applicants equally, with no preferential treatment given regarding gender, sexual orientation, or social background. Here you can find our official admission regulations.

By reading the website carefully, you can already find a lot of useful information about studying at CODE. The CODE team was super helpful during my application process and answered right away if I had questions. Don’t hesitate to ask. I applied to the university when I was back home in Indonesia, and regardless of the distance or the time difference, the team was always approachable. I can recommend you to find students already studying at CODE and ask them all the questions that you might have.Sasha Astiadi, student at CODE

If you still have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at