Sebastian Rosengrün

Lecturer in Science, Technology and Society

Sebastian is a quirky logician who loves to twist your arguments until they fall apart. He is passionate about challenging everyone (including himself) in their world view, chess, table tennis and any other game — and secretly enjoys existentialist literature and Scandinavian art movies.

Before coming to CODE, he taught philosophy and linguistics at the Universities of Augsburg and Bamberg. He has been proofing the existence of unicorns and experimenting with various teaching formats, but still does not know in which he was most successful.

Sebastian is the only programmer at CODE that does not feel embarrassed by using PHP. But even more than proper coding, he wants to understand how technologies influence our society and our human nature, how humans and computers think — about each other and about themselves, and what it means to act responsibly and according to our thinking.

He joined CODE first and foremost because he wants to learn more about that and everything else together with you. He is also quite passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences, and if you want to know more about him, he sometimes even enjoys just having a coffee with you.

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