Heidi Rondak

External Lecturer in Interaction Design

Heidi is an award-winning and internationally published fashion, beauty, lifestyle & still life photographer and art director who has been working in these fields since 2013.
She has been based in Berlin since 2015 after graduating in communication design at HS Mannheim. As she had also worked as an editor and editorial designer for different magazines in 2011/12 and 2016/17, her understanding of the combined word and image refined to be one of her competences. However, she grew up with a camera in her hands and a good cognition and interest in diverse topics, which becomes visible in her photography in the form of sophisticated conceptual storytelling. Since 2018 Heidi has been lecturing „basic photography“ and „professional photography“ at CODE. Through combining theoretical and technical knowledge with practical photo sessions, the students are getting profound insights into the subject and they’re being encouraged to creatively make use of photography as a medium.