Research at CODE

The role of research at CODE aligns with the goals of our mission as an educational institution and is a key pillar in the structural, strategic planning of the university. The CODE mission to rethink higher education along the lines of student-driven and project-based education is based on freedom and community, initiative and responsibility.

In order to ensure that CODE is also international, interdisciplinary, digital, and application-oriented, we want the role of CODE to make its contribution to science upholding a social responsibility on the basis of teaching and technology transfer. Through these five standards of research, we seek to carry out our vision:

  • CODE is research and innovation friendly
  • CODE research aims at being applicable and interdisciplinary
  • CODE encourages research that furthers digitalization
  • CODE encourages research in a communal and collaborative spirit
  • CODE upholds its responsibility to perform ethical research with a social impact

We aspire to be at the forefront of research in digitalization

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3. Extend the reach beyond CODE
4. Contribute to ongoing conversations of political and environmental thought
CODE research team

Why do we perform research at CODE?

Meet the Research Commission

The Research Commission is a standing committee outlined in the Basic Regulations of the university.
Its goals are to document, align and encourage research activities at CODE, write up a research profile for accreditation, align research skills teaching in different departments, and act as an Ethics commission for research and project proposals at CODE.

Pras Gunasekera

Ombudsperson and the contact person

Fabian Geier

Florencia Noriega

Frank Trollmann

Humphrey Yeboah

Lauren Gaillard

Jakob Schmitt