CODE signs up a partnership with Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs), Deutsche Telekom’s central research and innovation unit. By doing so, T-Labs extends its academic network and drives further its research projects oriented towards developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) highlighting future technology applications with the valuable help of our students.

Driven by curiosity

“T-Labs and CODE are both driven by curiosity, forward thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. This cooperation, set up at the intersection of research and technology experimentation, is focused on execution. It has the power to shape up positively the way we operate, develop and create technology solutions, with strategic impact. We also think on sharing the knowledge, educating and building the skills necessary for the workforce of the future,” said John Calian, Senior Vice President and Head of T-Labs.

Close exchange with tech experts

“The collaboration with T-Labs will give our students the opportunity to work on exciting projects in the focus areas blockchain, intelligence, and experience. We are certain that our students will benefit hugely from the close exchange with tech experts at Telekom and their academic network.” – Thomas Bachem, Founder and Chancellor at CODE

CODE students are empowered to be a creative problem-solver, which perfectly matches the entrepreneurial spirit of T-Labs. We are looking forward to collaborate with motivated and creative students in order to focus on developing future technology applications.Ulrike Kehrberg
Project Manager University Cooperation at Deutsche Telekom

Forward-thinking innovation

T-Labs, as the forward-thinking innovation unit, aims not only to explore the latest technologies, but also to act a social enabler, a contributor and trusted partner for sustainable social development.

A creative and innovative atmosphere

By working on a Telekom Innovation Laboratories project, CODE students will experience a creative and innovative atmosphere, which combines the tasks of visionary disruptors, business strategists and creative makers, working together to solve concrete customer problems.