Building the digital future

As a Berlin-based IoT and blockchain company builder, NBT designs successful ventures across healthtech, proptech, energy, supply chain, and the economy of things. NBT promotes entrepreneurship, catalyzes innovation for corporate partners, and feeds the growth of Europe’s digital economy.

Investing in the future is the best way to form it. Collaborating with CODE students offers an opportunity to positively influence the European tech ecosystem. In exchange for sharing NBT expertise and IoT lab access, we’ll benefit from valuable student input, welcoming talented developers, product experts, and future founders.Jasmin Skenderi

A beneficial partnership on both sides

Our partnership fits CODE’s approach of self-directed, project-based learning. CODE students will grow from NBT’s state-of-the-art know-how in IoT and blockchain knowledge as they benefit from the opportunity to experiment in the NBT Lab. NBT benefits from the students’ curiosity and ingenuity, which is essential for entrepreneurial success.

Partnering with CODE

CODE and NBT both value experimentalism, inspirational challenges, access to resources, and mentorship. CODE draws on international talent, which is something NBT values, where we are 61 people strong, from 21 countries. The internationalism of CODE will be a great cultural match to NBT.