Inspiring and valuable input on both sides

Burda and CODE aim for the same objective: to make things better than they were yesterday. By giving their best every day, Burda’s employees have helped the company to increase its turnover by 150% in the last 20 years. Their decentralized structures and different business models create the framework for growth. The partnership gives all of us an inspiring, valuable input while CODE students approach the unknown with curiosity and face challenges with flexibility. Burda encourages entrepreneurial spirit and demands individual responsibility and this is exactly what CODEs educational concept is about.

We are looking for people who are open-minded and passionate about driving innovation in diverse teams. At CODE we hope to find new colleagues who actively push for change.Britta Christ
Personalmarketing & Employer Branding
Unicon Berlin - CODE University of Applied Sciences

Foster smart interactions

Our students and professionals from Burda are coming together at regular constructive meet-ups and events as well as special occasions. For example, Burda supported the student-run conference UNICON 2019 by offering an insider knowledge workshop to all participants. CODE students also got the opportunity to present themselves as potential employers to Burda in an interview format.

CODE University of Applied Sciences - Partner's Day Britta Christ from BURDA

Working together on projects

“For our project with Burda’s “Fit for Fun” magazine, we set out to create a product around the objective to find new channels to reach more people that are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle and to help them reach their personal goals. After extensive user research, we came up with a fitness app that had a personified version of the user’s future self at its core. It would display the consequences of their behavior, positive or negative, and guide them towards their self-defined goals.” – Mᴀᴛᴛɪ Wᴀɢɴᴇʀ, Interaction Design student at CODE

What is Burda?

With nearly 12,000 employees in 20 countries and more than 600 digital and printed consumer media products, Hubert Burda Media (Burda) is one of Germany’s largest media und tech companies. Burda is home to many of the leading platforms and brands in the DACH region – such as Xing, jameda, HolidayCheck, Focus, Bunte or InStyle. With their startup lab Burda Bootcamp they support early-stage innovation and run diverse events for entrepreneurs to develop new ideas and connect with each other.

Digital product development

Burda develops digital products for various brands like FOCUS, TV Spielfilm, Fit for Fun, Playboy, Cinema, TV Today and Free Mens World. Products include desktop- and mobile websites, mobile apps, voice skills and as well as e-papers. Burda’s employees work with the “User First” perspective and build products and features that make users and relevant stakeholders happy.