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Social Record – Fall 2019

Social Record opens exhibition to raise awareness for data privacy in social media

Social Record showcases how social media platforms are exploiting the lacking knowledge about data privacy and how users can protect themselves.

Cary – Fall 2019

Cary – helping young consumers to buy their groceries more sustainably.

In alignment with the SDG’s that the better future lab is supporting, Cary aims to tackle number 12 (responsible consumption & production). To do this Cary bets on young consumers to have the greatest potential for increased sustainability amongst consumers in the long-term.

Disinformation in the internet

Deutsche Welle And CODE Students on –
How to Help Teenagers Recognize Disinformation

Disinformation is one of the big challenges for everyone (journalists).
The motivation to produce and share disinformation differs – profit, political influence, propaganda, satire especially ahead of elections. Due to social media, information is being spread in real-time and very fast. It is a challenge for journalists to keep up and for every consumer to know how to verify it.We want to find a solution that supports debunking while on the fly.