• Self – directed project

    Students & partnering organizations team up to solve unique challenges 10 in week long projects.

  • Powered by AWS

    AWS supports participants to bring their ideas to life by providing cloud credits, expertise and innovation methodologies.

  • Supporting the 17 SDG’s

    Project outcomes are published open–source and made available to any individual or organization wishing to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Better Future Lab Projects

In Fall 2019, the first two student teams worked on Better Future Lab projects, supported by AWS. You can now have a look at their work.

Better Future Lab Community Launch!

A group of CODE students participated in the Better Future Lab’s one-week-long pilot project powered by AWS. Together with Deutsche Welle, they worked on a convenient way to figure out whether given content on social media platforms is likely trustworthy.

…thanks again for the opportunity of getting to know you all and spending some time last week to follow your journey into developing a user centric solution along our proposed  DW challenge. I found the results very impressive and promosing, hoping we can continue this in the near future.Stephan, Deutsche Welle

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