A campus for the digital tech economy

Connecting the world of academia with the culture of startups and internet entrepreneurs, the CODE campus is a unique place for young talents to bring their ideas to life.

Berlin is one of the world’s fastest-growing startup ecosystems and receives more venture capital investment than any other city in Europe at the moment. Being Germany’s digital capital, it is also Europe’s current hotspot for digital innovation.
And the perfect place for CODE.

Berlin by night

Europe’s next great tech hub

Together with the local tech and startup scene, we benefit from the city’s creative energy — which has contributed to vibrant art, film, TV, gaming and publishing industries — and channel it into educating the Digital Pioneers of tomorrow.

Germany's most international city

Germany’s most international city

Widely popular among tourists and professionals, Germany’s largest city offers international students state-of-the-art infrastructure, a vibrant international community and the charm of being one of the world’s historically most interesting cities.

An inspiring learning environment

The unique coworking campus will enable young talented men and women to connect with Europe’s startup and tech community. Therefore, learning at CODE will not only be inspiring but also beneficial for your career goals.

Affordable living options in the city

Affordable living options in the city

Students of CODE are fortunate to enjoy a relatively low cost of living in Berlin compared to other tech hubs like Silicon Valley and London, without having to compromise on quality of life.

Integrated into the startup world

There is no better place for a Digital Pioneer than a startup campus, where you can connect with other entrepreneurs and find an inspiring atmosphere that helps your ideas flow and grow. In Factory Berlin, we found a great partner for the perfect CODE campus.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to make a real impact and create the world of tomorrow.Udo Schloemer, Founder and CEO Factory Berlin

Part of Germany’s thriving startup scene

Unlike a typical university, CODE will be located inside one of the largest startup campuses in Europe. As a student at CODE, you will be part of a curated community that brings together the best and brightest, who are passionate about creating the world of tomorrow. Its members represent the cutting edge of innovation: freelance developers, designers and strategists, startups, and global corporations as well as investors and leading influencers from politics and science.

A coffee with Europe’s digital avantgarde

Today, Factory Berlin is the home to local heroes like SoundCloud, industry icons like Twitter, Uber and Pinterest, as well as a host of fast-growing startups like Freeletics, unu motors and Limemakers.
CODE will be part of a building in the Kreuzberg area, Central Berlin, currently under renovation.

Work, connect and grow at the campus

As an enrolled student, you will be a member of this community (we pay your monthly membership fee) and gain access to other members, its partners, an inspiring work environment, and exclusive events, as well as all the amenities the membership has to offer.

Building a community of equals

At CODE we don’t define ourselves by our titles. Instead, you will become part of a diverse group of students, lecturers, professors and network partners, where everyone seeks to learn something new every day and is looking for ways to support other members of the community on their individual learning journey.

Diversity over uniformity

Whether it’s the students we seek or the ways they learn and grow – we want CODE to be a multifaceted place for men and women from all back­grounds. So we can learn from each other.
At CODE you will have ample opportunity to question your stereotypes and enjoy the fact that all members of our community meet on an equal footing. In discussions, we value ideas over hierarchy. That does not mean your ideas won’t get challenged. Be prepared to have intense arguments. But in the end, the best idea wins and it doesn’t matter if it came from a student, a professor or a big-shot CEO.