Stefanie Kegel

External Lecturer in Interaction Design

Stefanie is a Berlin-based interaction designer and user experience strategist with over 10 years
experience working in the field of human-centered design. Since 2011 she is running her own
design studio “The Geekettez” which is located in Berlin and in Mannheim. Steffi has been
interviewed by several magazines and spoken at many community events and conferences and
also contributed to a case study about intercultural UX design.
As she studies psychology on the side she finds herself interested and is currently researching
the intersections of social cognition & experience design. She is an advocate of polite tech and
the paradigm of “computers are social actors (CASA) and strongly believes that technology
should behave politely and speak „human“ to people – not vice versa. She is also one of the
founders of the Berlin chapter of „Ladies that UX” – a global network that aims at promoting,
supporting and connecting women working in the fields of UX, leading now a community with
over 1000 members.