Oliver Lauenstein

Science, Technology and Society

Previous Research Activities

– Gender and nationalism
– National and European identities
– Complex social groups
– Allophilia

Research Interests

My research interests fall into three larger groupings

Social forms and identities.
1. Enmity and friendship as social relationships
2. A taxonomy of the forms of discrimination
3. European identity
4. Positive attitudes towards others (e.g. allophilia)
5. Political friendship as a political philosophy
Attitudes towards technology
1. Why are people not too keen on social robots?
2. What happens, if we automate social and affective relationships
3. Marx’s concept of General Intellect in the time of Work 4.0
4. Links between technology and disability
Attitudes towards and images of the future
1. Psychology of future thinking
2. Future of identities and social relations
3. Ideas of utopia and dystopia
4. Science-Fiction as strategic foresight



– Experimental studies
– Questionnaire research
– Multivariate quantitative analysis
– Interviews
– Content and thematic analysis