Julia Zielke

Science, Technology and Society


Julia is a social scientist with a multi-disciplinary, wide and varied background. She studied communication sciences and cultural sciences in Groningen, Maastricht and York, graduating with a BA in 2011. Then went on to embark on a Master in Philosophy of Sciences at TU Berlin, took a two-year break (working in marketing), and then moved to Exeter, UK, where she studied for Master of Research in Human Geography, undertaking arts-based research with a refugee football team as well as volunteering in a homeless shelter. It is here where her interest in social justice and urban community wellbeing emerged. She decided to deepen her passion for these topics through her doctoral research at the University of Liverpool Management School. Her PhD thesis synthesized qualitative research in social housing, mental health research and community organising with feminist theories on how, where and by whom knowledge about wellbeing is actually produced. Her thesis was defended with no correction in February 2020.

Research Interests:

– Wellbeing and mental health
– Feminist epistemologies and ontologies
– Community organizing, urband social economy and good governance
– Sustainability and ecology

Selected Publications

Zielke, J. (in preparation). Beyond now: multi-temporal scales in mental health and wellbeing research. Aimed at: Social Science & Medicine

Hepburn, P. & Zielke, J. (in preparation). Disaffected consent – a challenge to the ‘city as commons’ approach for local governance: An empirical study of ‘commoning’ in a deprived inner city community in the UK. Aimed at: Environment and Planning D

Zielke, J. & Stephenson, K. (in preparation). Organising for wellbeing: performative resistances in precarious spaces and austere times. Aimed at: Health & Place

Zielke, J. (forthcoming). Sensitive research in times of uncertainty and adversity: Towards a Covid-19-responsive and resilient methodology. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Health and Well-being.

Corcoran, R., Zielke, J. & Thomas, M. (forthcoming). Relational Spaces for Mental Health and Wellbeing. (To be published as chapter in a handbook for mental health professionals, co-written with ‘experts by experience’)

Zielke, J. (forthcoming). Dwelling activism: making the personal political in the home through a feminist dwelling lens. Gender, Place & Culture.

Zielke, J. (forthcoming). Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna Haraway, Duke University Press, Durham and London, 2016, 312pp., paper $27.95 (ISBN 978-0-8223-6224-1). Canadian Geographer

Zielke, J. (2020). Making the Personal Political: A Dwelling-Oriented Feminist Approach Towards Wellbeing and Wellbeing Research. PhD Thesis. University of Liverpool.

Zielke, J. (2019). Dwelling: On the design, implementation and analysis of ‘Story Houses’ as multi-modal research method. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 1-27.

Future Activities

In the long run, Julia is interested in connecting more with the German research community around topics of community mental health, in relation to questions around tech-literacy and what expertise is. She is passionate about further developing creative and participatory methods for data collection for vulnerable groups.


Julia has experience in successful bid writing for national and international funding, including Horizon 2020. She used to work as a freelance bid-writer for a mental health charity and used to make a living as a freelance copywriter.

Julia loves designing and running participatory workshops on inclusive decision making processes, diversity and community mental health.