Chris Bonau-Schmidt

Product Management

Current Research Activities

2020 Goals

– Quarterly Ethics CPE Presentations: April 28th – IMA Europe sponsored Webinar with 108 participants from Europe & North America.
– Chair and host 4 events in 2019
– May 5, 2020 – Special guests Facton GmbH “Enterprise Resource Costing” and []( “Liquiditätsmanagement”
– University Associations in the US and Europe
– Publish book summarizing and expanding on Research

Published Research

Schmidt, C. (2020), “Why risk management frameworks fail to prevent wrongdoing”, The Learning Organization, Vol. 27 No. 2, pp. 133-145.

Book Chapter: “Wrongdoing, Whistleblowing, and Governance” in “Vezeto es menedszer” eds. Gy. Laszlo, J. Nemeth, N. Sipos, Dez. 2019, Pécs, Ungarn